Outside the Classroom

Amazing things happen inside the classrooms at Brawerman West, but there is an entire world outside the schoolhouse to explore. Located in West Los Angeles, Brawerman offers students unique access to the city.


Examples of Brawerman Field Trips:

  • Grade 6 - Museum of Tolerance, Disney Concert Hall, Camp Hess Kramer
  • Grade 5 - Aidan’s Place, L.A. Music Center, Skirball Cultural Center, CAFAM, Camp Hess Kramer
  • Grade 4 - Chumash Interpretive Center, Leonis Adobe, San Fernando Mission, Huntington Gallery, PATH, Camp Hess Kramer
  • Grade 3 - Tumbleweed Outdoor Education, Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits, Amy’s Farm, Beverly Hills City Hall, Olvera Street, Camp Hess Kramer
  • Grade 2 - Museum of Tolerance, Skirball Cultural Center, Mt. Carmel Senior Citizen Club, Camp Hess Kramer
  • Grade 1 - Aquarium of the Pacific, Beach Cleanup, Camp Hess Kramer
  • Kindergarten - TreePeople, Eco Station, Camp Hess Kramer


Overnight Experiences (Grades 4, 5, and 6)

  • Grade 6 - Israel
  • Grade 5 - Astrocamp, Boston
  • Grade 4 - Sacramento


Guest Speakers and Programs

  • Authors - Jim Jennewein, Tom Parker, Sonia Levitin, and Cornelia Funke
  • Internet Safety - Lori Getz
  • I Question America (Fannie Lou Hamer) - EP McKnight
  • Jacques Thibaud String Trio
  • Green Architect - David Hertz
  • Scientist – Conrad Foster
  • Career Day - Larry Scarpa, Richard Katz, Jackie Edwards, and Jorge Salcedo

After School Programs, Daily Supervision, Extended Day Enrichment

One of the mantras at Brawerman West is quality over quantity. Our educators work to fit as much into the school day as possible without sacrificing the quality of the experience. However, in order to offer students additional depth and breadth of subject matter, we have an extensive after school program.

After school supervision is available Monday through Thursday from 2:30 - 5:30 p.m. Students complete homework assignments, participate in activities, enjoy games and crafts, and a little downtime. A supervised homework classroom is available three days per week. BES teachers are available to assist students and provide support.

A myriad of classes appealing to all age groups and interests is available in two semester sessions in accordance with the school calendar. Professionals from the community and the school provide expert instruction. Some of the choices include:

  • Basketball Clinic – Learn fundamentals, strategies and build skills
  • Ceramics – Paint, glaze, and fire clay creations
  • Chess – Compete, develop strategies, and problem solving skills
  • Choir – Sing with Cantor Don Gurney
  • Clay Animation – Develop and animate a movie starring clay characters
  • Cooking – Prepare recipes from around the world, learn about each cuisine
  • Dance – Learn basic techniques of dances incorporating hiphop, jazz, and ballet
  • Fashion Design – Create a wardrobe without sewing a stitch
  • Golf - Learn rules, etiquette, drives and putts
  • Guitar – Play chord progressions in a contemporary style and songs by known artists
  • Keyboards – Read music and perform on the keyboard
  • Krav Maga – Cross-training that includes self-defense, fitness, and life skills
  • Magic – Amaze your friends with magic tricks and routines
  • Musical Theater – Sing and dance in musical productions
  • Woodworking – Sand, saw, and design a variety of projects
  • Yoga – Increase strength and flexibility, learn breathing, and fitness technique