Nourishing Bodies and Fueling Minds

Our Kitchen is Open!

Wilshire Boulevard Temple has a history of nourishing bodies and fueling minds with an onsite hot lunch program. We are proud to partner with FLIK Independent School Dining to provide students with an optional hot lunch dining program cooked on campus and committed to providing fresh meals that support local and sustainable agricultural practices. 

All food is prepared, cooked, and served on-site.

Ingredients are sustainable, responsibly sourced, and purchased locally, when possible. 

Dishes are made with fresh ingredients, focused on organic and local produce, kosher meats, and limited canned and processed foods, avoiding artificial ingredients and preservatives.

Food is displayed in small portions and replenished frequently.

High nutrition standards, enabling healthy student choices.

Gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, allergen-Free, and kosher meat options. 


Cost per day of the Monthly Plan: $12:00

Cost of daily rate of a Late Order: $15.00

Cost per day of the Advanced Plan for the Second Semester: $11.00