This is a School We Love. Now Ensure Its Future.

Brawerman Elementary School has embarked on its first endowment campaign. We were chosen to participate in the Generations LA program, a joint venture between Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools, BJE: Builders of Jewish Education, and the AVI CHAI Foundation. Cash gifts are matched at 25% through the Simha and Sara Lainer Day School Endowment Fund.

What is an Endowment?

An endowment fund is a large sum of donated money, the principal of which is invested and is intended to remain intact. The interest from an endowment provides an institution with a steady, reliable stream of income for years to come. By preparing for the future, we provide a foundation that will allow Brawerman to thrive as a Reform Jewish Day School with the highest academic standards for generations to come.

Why is it Important? How is it Managed?

The Nadine Breuer Endowment Fund, named after the Founding Head of School, will be a source of long-term support for the school. The principal of the fund is invested in a Jewish Community Endowment Pool, and the income generated may be used to help stabilize rising tuition over time, retain and recruit faculty, provide financial assistance, and fund emerging programs at Brawerman.

How Can I Help?

There are many ways you can contribute, make a difference, and enjoy tax benefits*:

  • Cash: Make a tax-deductible cash gift
  • Pledge: Make a tax-deductible multi-year pledge payable over time
  • Stock: Transfer securities with no capital gains taxes
  • Planned Giving and Bequests: Add us to your will or estate plan
  • Life Insurance: Gift us a life insurance policy and receive a tax deduction
  • Real Estate: Transfer real estate to us with a tax-deductible charitable remainder trust
Opportunities are also available to endow special programs at the school. *Please consult your tax professional