Showing Support for Israel and our School Community

Singing Hatikvah has become a comforting form for prayer for our school communities. Whether during t’filot or reinforcing the learning in our schools’ classrooms, our vision of hope and our commitment to the land and people of Israel has been a source of solace and inspiration.   

We are proud of our children for their immense empathy, pride, and commitment to Judaism and our people. Our students have initiated bake sales, made bracelets, and wrote cards and letters to soldiers, conveying gratitude for those on defending Israel, including Brawerman East’s own Hebrew teacher, Ori Raba, who rejoined his Israeli Defense Force unit for a month this fall. Additionally, our parent community has organized meals, ensuring that our faculty and families directly impacted receive the necessary support during this period. 

Our school is committed to teach the Hebrew language, celebrate Israeli culture, and provide our children with a deep understanding of the history and relevance of our Jewish homeland. We have been privileged to connect with Brawerman’s esteemed Israel Educator Elhanan Brown, who has shared his firsthand accounts and experiences directly from Israel. 

In early November, parents from our community gathered to hear from Professor Sivan Zakai, who provided valuable insights on how to speak honestly to our children about the conflict in Israel. Senior Rabbi Steven Leder also spoke to our faculty to ensure that they feel knowledgeable and capable of engaging in developmentally appropriate conversations with students. Additionally, Cory Wenter, Strategic Director of Safety and Security, met with families at all three school campuses for safety and security briefings.

As the situation evolves, we will continue to support Israel and educate our community. Above all, we continue to celebrate Judaism joyfully and proudly. We gather together in song and prayer, standing strong and hopeful, united as Jews.