Brawerman East Grade 5 Makes Lasting Memories at AstroCamp

By Auriane Desombre, 5/6 Village Teacher

What an amazing trip! We learned so much about our universe and had the best time exploring this beautiful corner of it. Our students came together as a united team to soak up the incredible opportunities this trip had to offer. Whether they were leading chants to cheer each other on during our skycoaster adventures or making sure the whole group noticed the deer they spotted grazing by the woods, they had each others’ backs and looked out to make sure the whole group had a wonderful experience.

On our last night, we had a starlit council discussion in which students talked about the memories they’re most excited to share and the lessons they want to carry with them beyond this trip. Students recapped their favorite highlights, including the incredible wildlife encounters, unbelievable experiments, and all the spontaneous fun moments in between – or, as one student summed it up, “Everything!” They shared the lessons they learned about bravery, trust, and appreciating the beauty in small moments. As one student beautifully described them: “It’s fleeting, but it’s never gone.”