Makers Fair and Math and Science Nights Highlight Science and Innovation

Makers Fair and Math and Science Nights Highlight Science and Innovation
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Jay Berstein

Brawerman Elementary school students on both campuses donned their goggles, lab coats, and thinking caps last month for exciting nights exploring science and engineering.

To mark the 100th day of school, Brawerman East hosted its first Makers Fair, an evening celebration of science and creativity with crafts, technology, and delicious snacks. As part of a community-wide showcase of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) learning, every grade level showcased work, accompanied by teachers and parents leading activity booths. Activities included exploring virtual reality with ocular glasses, creating musical-fruit circuits, and building stomp rockets. Displays feature Star Wars Cars, 3-D Printing, and information on Mars Rover landing.

At Brawerman West, students and parents gathered for the third annual Math and Science Night, an evening of shared explorations, activities, and learning.

As Andrea Weinstein, Assistant Principal at Brawerman West for Grades 3 through 6, explained, “The goals for the evening are twofold. First, we want parents and children to engage together in hands-on learning experiences. At the same time, we want to spark excitement and curiosity around math and science.”

Guided by Brawerman West faculty, students and parents enjoyed a variety of educational experiences. They built parachutes and tested them in a wind tunnel, constructed roller-coasters, made circuits with Play-Doh, and even programmed a banana to play music. There was also a  demonstration of “elephant toothpaste,” an experiment showcasing the giant, foamy reaction caused by combining yeast and hydrogen peroxide in a plastic bottle.

The events at both campuses demonstrated the value of hands-on learning and creativity as a critical part of science education. Next year, who knows? Maybe a music-playing matzoh ball!

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