Outside the Classroom

Amazing things happen inside the classrooms at Brawerman East, but there’s an entire world outside the schoolhouse to explore. Located in the center of Los Angeles, Brawerman East offers students unique access to the city. The Metro is blocks away from the school in either direction, and several major bus lines run down Wilshire Boulevard.

After School Programs, Daily Supervision, Extended Day Enrichment

One of the mantras at Brawerman East is quality over quantity. Our educators work to fit as much into the school day as possible without sacrificing the quality of the experience. However, in order to offer students additional depth and breadth of subject matter, we have an extensive after school program.

After-school supervision, known as BEEP, is available Monday through Thursday from 2:45 – 5:00 p.m. Students complete homework assignments, participate in game, crafts, and activities, or simply take advantage of a little downtime.

A myriad of classes appealing to all age groups and interests is available in two semester sessions, in accordance with the school calendar. Professionals from both the school and community provide expert instruction.

Some of the choices include:

  • Basketball – Learn fundamentals, strategies, and build skills
  • Cooking – Prepare recipes from around the world, learn about each cuisine
  • Guitar – Learn to play contemporary chord progressions and songs by known artists
  • GarageBand – Compose music on the iPad
  • Musical Theater – Develop acting, singing, and dancing skills through creative expression
  • Soccer – Learn fundamentals, strategies, and team skills
  • Yoga – Increase strength and flexibility; learn breathing and fitness techniques


Field Trip: Finding Honor and Friendship in Israel

Reflecting on the annual Capstone experience

Our commitment to instilling the values of integrity, kindness, and honor come before anything we teach in a textbook. So, when we travel to Israel with our soon-to-be graduates, we’re more than happy to hear them recall historical facts they’ve acquired throughout their seven years at Brawerman. But the most profound and lasting impression they can make is when they put others first. Picking up a bag that was left behind, helping a classmate who loses their footing while hiking down Masada, making room for another seat at the breakfast or dinner table aren’t checklist items on a report card or a multiple-choice question on a standardized test, but they are what truly matters. 

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